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Redix icons

Radix Icons: A crisp set of tiny icons

Radix Icons is a free, open-source set of 15×15 icons designed by the Modulz team. This fantastic set includes more than 250 tiny icons falling under different categories (eg. arrows, objects, typography, music, and more).This set is ideal for building...

Unicons: A free seto of 1000+ icons
Illustrator Freebies

Unicons: A free set of 1000+ icons

Iconscout has recently released Unicons, a very complete set of 1000+ free vector icons.  Icons are available in top categories (for example, User Interface, Business, Shopping, Medical) and they are carefully crafted in 24px grid to have consistency on all...

150 free vector icons
Illustrator Freebies

A free set of 150 vector icons

Here is an amazing pack of 150 free vector icons designed by Elmira Gokoryan, talented designer from Armenia. This icon set is super-useful for UI designers since they cover multiple categories (weather, music, health, food, education business and more).In addition, icons...